All Roads Lead to Path – All Paths Lead to God…the Universal Mind Within

About M/Gatlianne

I began my teaching and healing journey as a writer and poet – using my power of the written word to help, guide, and support others, as well as myself. Along the way I turned to art as another outlet for my own spiritual healing and found that too, was something I could offer. The path of a healer was shown to me in my early years. Then, I didn’t see a way for me to ever do what my vision showed but the Universe knows much more than I and illuminated my path quite well.

My spiritual journey came early on as I lay in the clover fields surrounding my childhood home. While listening to the bees, feeling the coolness of the clover and watching cloud picture shows I knew I was connected to it all. This realization fueled not only my pursuit of knowledge but also my pursuit of spiritual and religious wisdom. I wanted to go to churches of different denominations to learn what their differences were. I asked questions the adults couldn’t answer. As I grew older I still had questions and began studying different religions and philosophies. My take from youth to adult has been, “Make Your Own Path.”

I still reside in the south in a small house full of books and serenity. My spiritual awareness began in a clover field and meandered its way uphill and downhill to where I am today – still learning, still pursuing knowledge, helping others on their path and still a little bit of that precocious young girl who found solace in a cool field of clover

Gatlianne is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Herbalism.

She is the author of four books of poetry and plans to use her experiences on her spiritual path to write more.

She is also an ordained interfaith & metaphysical minister, yoga & meditation instructor and artist.

For more information or to read the writings of Gatlianne the author, please visit:

For more information regarding spiritual healing, please visit:

Deep Rivers Healing


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