All Roads Lead to Path – All Paths Lead to God…the Universal Mind Within

The Great Tree


The trunk of the great tree is connected

To its branches that are connected to its leaves

The trunk connects to the roots

Who are embedded in the earth

that drinks the rain that has fallen from the clouds

Who are highlighted by the sun

that warmed the wind

That rustles through the leaves

attached to the branches

which hold the nest that houses the bird

who flies down in the warm wind

To land on the rain soaked earth

To pluck from it a worm that has

Been living in its home in the roots

Of the great tree


The tree is connected to everything around it

Like we are connected to everything around us

We are shifting


Moving toward a transformation

Of self

That will lead to a transformation

Of all

We are open to all there is

Reaching out with all we are

Like the branches of the great tree

And as our connection grows

Each branch grows

Nurturing new branches from each bow

The tree that is Life

Expands and Evolves

In never ending possibility

Our connection spreads

Our branches flourish

And the branch that is me

Touches the branch that is you

Your branch touches another

And another until our tree is

Thick and full

Warmed by the light of a world of hearts

Nourished by the falling of a world of tears

Rooted by the trunk of a world as one

And like the Great Tree is Connected

Within itself

But also connected to the earth and sky

As we are connected to Our Inner Self

But also to others and Life



© M/Gatlianne 2010


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