All Roads Lead to Path – All Paths Lead to God…the Universal Mind Within

Paths of Belief

I’m not asking anyone to believe what I believe. That’s not what I’m proposing. I’m proposing a supplement, not an alternative, to your faith, to your religion – a way of deepening your spiritual connection with yourself and to God in whatever aspect you see God. I teach spiritual awareness.And how to utilize prayer and meditation as a way to deepen ones spirit. I give talks that aren’t really religious at all. I might quote Jesus, or Buddha or Helen Keller – but the context is never “here believe this” – it’s here what does this do for you? What do you get out of it – if anything? I encourage the philosophy of making and finding your own path to your spirit. I don’t encourage one doctrine over another.

I think that your religion is different from your spirituality. I think often your religion is the avenue of your faith but can still be different from your spirituality. You can have faith in God and you can tie that to your religious beliefs, values and convictions but I see that deep spirituality is your connection to your inner light, your soul and that soul’s connection to Christ Consciousness and God.

Now what people do with that is up to them – I don’t care what they believe. But I think that it can be combined where a room of 10 people could be a mix of Wiccan, Christian, Agnostic, Interfaith, Jewish, Buddhist, Spiritualist – even Athiest – whatever – and still come together spiritually even if their religious beliefs are different.

I’m also not proposing that I’m going to be a typical minister preaching a sermon. I’m not – that’s not at all what I want. I want to be a spiritual and interfaith minister who does just what I said above. And I really don’t even like the word minister! I want to teach and guide, and help others grow in their own spirit.

I want to have a deep knowledge and understanding of all religions because for me and my path that’s what helps me grow in my own spirituality. I don’t think my path is of one religion because I don’t believe my path is one of religion at all. I believe my path is one of a deep spirituality and deep faith. It’s why I began studying religion and philosophies in the first place years ago – because I felt called to see what more there was for me to know…what other angle I could view God from to figure out fully my connection to the Oneness of God. And I want to continue my studies and understand more fully all religions and philosophies so that I can understand how others connect to the Oneness of God.

Recently, I’ve had many gifts from above that have shown me just how much I have feared judgment and opposition to this vision. I also see that when we fear something so very much – we have a way of making that fear manifest. I did, in a big way. Now, my focus is to manifest something else – belief in myself, belief in my path, belief in my vision and a ingrained faith that everything is just exactly as it is meant to be and will carry on to be just as it is meant to be.

I also know that it’s not going to be for everyone and that’s OK. It’s for me and if there are others who get something out of it too even better – but really, even if I’m the only one who gets anything – I’m enough. I’m on my path and for me that path is beautiful – but there is also beauty in each person’s path. I respect and love the beauty of all of them, which is why I saw “all roads lead to Path.”




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