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Your Purposeful Life

What is your purpose? The fact alone that you came into being means you have a purpose and a right to be here. No one born unto this earth isn’t supposed to be here living out their life and finding their purposes. Yes, purposes – plural. We have many purposes in our lives and these purposes shift and change – evolving along with our personal and spiritual growth. Our purposes also change on a daily, even hourly basis. When we wake in the morning we have a purpose to live another day and as that day progresses a purpose may arise that we say a kind word to someone, help a stranger, see a beautiful sight or offer a bit of encouragement. These small purposes aren’t actually small – they’re changing the course of lives. Your life and the lives of others are shifted with these purposes. That is anything but small.

When fear gets in our way it is essentially like closing our hearts and putting a lock on our purpose potential. This doesn’t stop our opportunities for purpose from arising but it does stop us from stepping forward to act on those opportunities.  Sitting behind locked walls doesn’t change our fears – it doesn’t make them go away, instead, it’s our way of hiding from them. And when we’re hiding from our fears we are locking our true selves away. This keeps us from overcoming those fears and reaching our purposes.

There is never one moment when you don’t have a purposeful life; however, there are many moments when you hold yourself back from living your purposeful life. Will you remove the lock of fear from your heart and step forward to your purpose today?


© M/Gatlianne 2012


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