All Roads Lead to Path – All Paths Lead to God…the Universal Mind Within

For our most recent Path Gathering, I asked attendees to come and manifest peace with me. I asked them to join me in meditation, manifestation and prayer for Peace and Light for the world and all humanity in it and to raise our individual energies to balance with Divine Energy and Love. I asked them to help me create a tipping point in the world … a tip toward love & compassion, higher consciousness and connection.

Those in attendance opened their minds and hearts to themselves, to each other and to their world and at the end of the meditation the room was a holy space. A group of people from different backgrounds and beliefs come together for a collective goal.  I had so much gratitude for the moment of silence at the end when everyone had come back to the present and sat not only in the stillness of the room but in the stillness within themselves as well. We began our 2012 with an intentional consciousness shift intending that the shift carry out past us, beyond us to reach into the mass consciousness.

This gathering was done in the form of a meditation mala and though we did not do 108 meditations, I brought the groups attention to the flow of a mala. A yoga or meditation mala is typically 108 rounds of sun salutations, meditations, mantras, chants, kriya, etc. Some choose to do them in rounds of 27 or 54 instead. After focusing on the breathe to get into the meditative space I led the group through 4 rounds of meditation with a very specific meditation/intention/prayer for each round.

I have chosen to share this Spirit of Peace Meditation Mala Ceremony with you all, for those who attended to have but also for anyone so moved to have their own ceremony to utilize. Please feel free to share, all I ask is that you give credit to authors. And if you are inclined, let me know how your own ceremony turns out.


Round 1: Dedication/Intention for Self Transformation & Realization

May “my” heart be filled with love.
May “my”spirit soar.
May beauty always shine in “my” life.
May the light of Light guide “me”.
May courage and love lift “my”soul.
May “my”purpose be continually awakened and fulfilled.
May prosperity enrich “my” life.
May “I” receive and share generosity.
May “my”dreams continue to inspire “me”.
May “I” give joyfully from “my”own gifts.
May “I” find and receive the health and healing “I” need.
May “my”troubles be resolved and become “my” strengths.
May “my”path and evolution nurture “me”.
May “my”burdens and challenges be lightened with help from others.
May you find and know people who love you, respect you and support you.
May you receive and know the gifts and guidance from the Divine.
May you be a blessing to others and to yourself.

(c) Lumari

Lumari’s original blessing used the words your and you instead of “my” or “me” or “I” – I changed the pronoun to better fit the intention of our gathering.

Round 2: Dedication/Intention for Family, Friends & Enemies (or anyone held in ill will)

May our world and each one upon it move with greater harmony.
May we learn and share honor for each living thing.
May we have the courage and wisdom to care for our world.
May we have gratitude for our lives exactly the way they unfold.
May we all share and receive love, generosity, compassion and help.
May we take clear actions to care for and uplift our world and all beings upon Her.
May our planet move into a new cycle of flourishing.
May each of us know the true beauty and gift of our planet Gaia (or Earth), and
protect the natural world for generations to come.
May we support and create more freedom for all people.
May we let true love, compassion, truth and generosity guide our world.
May we all discover new ways to contribute to the harmony and love in our world.
May we each find and take new steps each day to help, to heal and to love.
May these blessings bless you, our world, our planet and all upon Her (It).

(c) Lumari

Round 3: Dedication/Intention for Self


My light that is within me
Peaceful is my soul
My thoughts are truth
My Divine will be done
I am connected to everyone

I take this day and make it shine
and release myself from the dark
as I show others the way of the Light

I hold no other in resentment
and offer myself forgiveness
for mine is the power and the glory
in the light that shines in everything
and I am one with the All


(c) M/Gatlianne


Round 4: Dedication/Intention for World/Humanity


From the point of light within the mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let light descend on earth
from the point of love within the heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men
May Christ “Consciousness” return to Earth
From the center where the will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men
The purpose which the Masters know and serve
From the center which we call the race of man
Let the plan of love and light work out
and may it seal the door where evil dwells
Let light and love and power
Restore the plan on Earth

(c) Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul – Third of Three Stanzas of a larger invocation/prayer, “The Invocation of Power & Light” written by the Tibetan Master from 1935 – 1945

Deeper Meanings of The Great Invocation

I added the word “consciousness” to the invocation as the meaning of Christ in the prayer is indicative of the Light of Christ and not necessarily the historical figure of Jesus the Christ (though certainly, if it speaks to you of Jesus/Yeshua please leave out “consciousness”). Adding the word helped us focus more on the expansion of the collective consciousness.


Three Rounds of Chanting –

“I Am”



An attendee brought a reading to share, which I shared with the group for her. It was a lovely way to end our session and really solidify our intention for the New Year:

To bring me luck,
To bring me love,
for peace and to protect.

May insight be
a guide to me –
no worries, no regrets.

Success be mine,
patience and time
I cast this New Year’s Spell
(I speak this New Year’s prayer)

I now begin,
with hope I send
a wish that all be well

(c) Ember Grant

Peace, Love, Health and Healing Wait Without to All,

Rev. M/Gatlianne


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